Túristvándi is an untouched and spectacular village located at the north east part of the Great-Plane.When it comes to sightseeing, Túristvándi and the nearby area are full of attractions. Probably the most interesting of these is the watermill (100 meters away from the hotel) that was built in the 18th centaury and, after refurbishment, still grinds wheat today.
Right beside the mill is a giant plane and a protected oak forest sits just behind it. The childhood home of the famous writer Zsigmond Móricz is also located in the village.
Our 40 guest capacity hotel is situated on the Túr riverbank and is adjacent to our natural and relaxing 100 capacity campsite. The whole area is framed by the winding crescents of the Túr.
Above the calm surface of the water, you will find the shady trees welcomed by bathers and nature lovers alike and home to an array of wildlife.
Natural herbs grow alongside the river that offer an opportunity for you to secure health or find remedies for your ailments with the help of one of the villagers.
The hotel arranges regular cycling and canoeing excursions, but there are also plenty of things to do in the grounds, including a beach with shallow water, football and volleyball fields, a basketball court and table tennis facilities.We also organise family and company events, summer dances, handicrafts and literature camps.
Erdélyi Jánosné Marika
pension owner
4944. Túristvándi, Malom street. 3.
Tel.: (44)721-082
Mobil: 06(30)289-9808
Open all year round!
We wish you a happy stay!
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